Monday, May 31, 2010

Me falni

Ok i legitimately suck at updating this blog, but my summer resolution is to do an update a week. I became an official volunteer this week! Moved up to Lezhe (my permanent site for the next two years) and had my first day of work. Oh let me tell you about that.
So i wake up...late, which comes to no surprise to those of you who know me well. I decide to dress up and wear my six inch heels. I walk down the treacherous hill that houses my not so humble abode while avoiding rocks, dogs, cats and holes. I arrive at the health center and to my surprise its full of sledgehammers and mumbling men. I run into a construction worker and he points downstairs. I barge into a room of nurses, all delicately sipping espressos. I quickly introduce myself as the new volunteer who is looking for my counterpart, Flora. It takes a few tries on my part to understand the women, but eventually I grasp that Flora is at the hospital. Sweet the hospital, if only I knew where that was. I foolishly assume that the hospital is in the main part of town. I begin walking or should I say wobbling down a rocky road and find myself lost. yeah lost. i ask a storekeeper where the hospital is, she explains that its on top of a hill on the opposite side of town, at this point I'm 20 minutes late...great! Stupid stilettos. i thank the shopkeeper, who sends me off with a huge hug and "shume success". i start booking it to the other side of town, dodging albanians and cars. I get to a set of stairs and figure the hospital is just beyond the staircase. NOPE. At this point im sweating more than Kobe bryant half way through a lakers game. I continue walking up the mountain and find a road that leads to the hospital. Fifteen minutes later i arrive at the hospital, and all i can think is im going to die if i ever get seriously hurt here. i stand at the urgent care entrance, because at this point i think its appropriate. my feet are yelling at me and i look like i took a shower in salt water, aka sweat.

Suddenly I hear xhenifer, xheni, xhenifer! and to my astonishment i see Flora yelling at me, looking as put together as coco chanel herself. damn, i wish i had a napkin... or a towel. 

after that i was introduced to a plethora of coworkers and was invited to kafe with the director and a few women from the health promotion unit. woot. success.