Monday, April 5, 2010

you know you're in albania when

1. The room goes silent when you use the word "car"
2. You put your sweater on to go inside of the house and take it off to go outside
3. Two dollars is a pricy lunch
4. You have no rights as a pedestrian
5. The phrase "I'm full" means "FEED ME MORE NOW"!
6. You have a successful conversation using only one word, mire(good). "Mire? Mire. Mire. Mire, Mire?. Mire".
7. Bare feet are not acceptable, EVER.
8. You are expected to peel and apple, slice a potato, and dice a tomato all in the palm of your hand... I swear its magic.
9. 1000 leke actually means 100 leke (about $1.00).
10. Personal space is someone sitting on your lap.

But in all seriousness Albanians are extremely hospitable and my host family rocks my socks off...not literally of course (refer to number 7 if you're currently looking more confused than me on a furgon).