Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet my new friend, Elbasan.

So we're at training in Elbasan, Albania. 24 hours in, and already I have experienced lost luggage and a power outage. The good news is we are safe and sound and all of my summer clothes made it...needless to say I'm a little chilled in skirts and flip-flops.

The country is absolutely gorgeous and it reminds me a little bit of SB-- they both have simultaneous costal and mountain views. I received information on my host family, the family is comprised of a mom, a dad and two sons (both around my age). I will meet them on Saturday, so look for an update and (fingers crossed) a picture!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

what the hell do you pack for a two-year stint? no idea...if it we're up to me i would fill an entire suitcase with stilettos. unfortunately i have reasonable friends and family around me, convincing me to act otherwise. i leave sunday for Albania (Peace Corps) and i STILL don't have my plane tickets (ya the peace corps leaves you guessing till the very last second, so fashionably late of them).

so in the next four days i have to get cpr certified, sell a car, pack my whole life into two suitcases, move, waitress, laundry (in grandiose proportions), learn albanian, find my shoes nice owners and get my windshield fixed. i could go on and on, but this would eventually turn into a 'to-do list' which is of no interest to anyone.

so ya that was my first ramble of many. lets hope for your sake my posts get more interesting.